A waterfall for Fipa

Hi, I’m Daniele,

I’m a new Wwoofer (Willing worker on organic farms), working in Fipa’s garden. I’m 27 years old and come from Italy. Since arriving in Orange, I have done so many things with Fipa the frog, helping to create the best environment for him and all the other animals we run, feed and take care of everyday.

During these days, I’ve learnt a lot about gardening, weeding, planting and composting. I used to live in a crowded city before - Sydney -, that’s why spending my days in Fipa’s World is an amazing experience and a great opportunity to do and know something different than usual in such beautiful country-side.

In the last few days, for example, I planted many different seeds (lettuce, cherries, strawberries and roses) and learnt a lot about how to create an environment in which the plants can live at ease and grow up nice and strong!

At the moment I am helping Josh (he wears a green jumper in the picture, I'm the guy on the left), a very good friend of mine and Fipa, in building a gorgeous waterfall… Actually it was a bit hard bringing all the huge rocks in the wheelbarrow, but it was a beautiful experience to build something and see it growing step by step.

Our goal is creating the best possible environment for Fipa. That’s why, for example, we have decided to place a kind of protection screen on the top of the pond, which prevents people from scaring or picking up Fipa and the other frogs. The water is full of red fish and Fipa loves to play with his friends! The pond is huge and there is enough space for Fipa to swim and enjoy! We know how crazy and dynamic Fipa is, that’s why we’re working hard to build a huge home with ferns and rock pools for him and all his friends!

And so, what are you waiting for? Come and say hello! Have a look at the Fipa’s World waterfall!
Located the Crn Warrendine and Anson street behind Bissys Café, Orange NSW.