Cooking and building... With love!

Hello everyone, it's Brad and Fipa here! Not long now until we will be back in Australia!

We've been doing lots as always but before I tell you what we've been up to, we want to teach everyone a new word. The word is 사랑 (sah rahng) which means love. Everyone in Handemy has given us love since we have been here, and are always asking how we are and making sure that we are always enjoying our time, which has in return, made us fall in love with Handemy. Now, let is tell you all what we've been up to!

Yesterday morning, we practiced playing the piano, and Hae Ryun taught us a bit more on the piano which was lots of fun. then we had to pick up some workers from jecheon, that helped us do some work on the fields. In the afternoon, we went into the woodwork room, and starting making a table as a present for another teacher in the village -Nori Sem.

Today, we finished the table in the morning, then at 9 O'clock, 30 children came to Handemy to enjoy some activities for the day. In the morning, we got to make sausages, using a sausage machine, then we went to make some bamboo flutes. At lunchtime, the children got to eat the sausages they made, then after, they made some Icecream using the Icecream machine for dessert.

Once we finished that, we got to show the children the Sum Goot Gwi, (an old traditional way to cook sweet potato) which they loved! Now the children have left and there's some hungry pigs calling out to us, so we better go feed them, we will write to you all again soon, and see you all soon as well, bye for now!