Having fun in Seoul!

Hello everyone, it's Fipa here! Brad and I had a super busy past two days!

Yesterday Brad and I got up early with another teacher Hook Guem Sem and made our way to Seoul! We had a big lunch, than headed off to Lotte World (an indoor theme park in Seoul!) we went on all the different rides there, and tried out a mirror maze and some rock climbing! It was a huge place, and at night time, Lotte World put on a parade! There were lots of colourful costumes and decorative parade cars! Once the parade finished, Hook Guem Sem, Brad and I went ice skating! Which was super fun.

After ice skating, we went and had a big buffet dinner which was delicious! At night time we went to a sauna house, which was really nice! We had a hot spa then spent some time in the cool room (temperatures between 0 and -5 degrees Celsius!) today we got to visit a palace called Gyongbookchoong which was amazing!

So many old traditional houses, and beautiful trees and scenery. After we finished there, we headed into Dongseoul and had lunch whilst we waited for the next bus to take us back to Danyang. Once in Danyang, we did a little but of shopping whilst we waited for the next bus to Handemy, but now, we've just arrived back after a big two days, so were going to get some rest now, so Brad and I will write to you all again soon, bye for now and see you soon!