Juksungbi: the pierced rock! A trip in Korean country

Hello everyone, it's Brad and Fipa here! It's coming close to an end for our trip, so we have been trying to squeeze as much stuff as possible into our days before we leave, but yesterday in the morning, Hook Guem Sem (a teacher from Handemy) and us fed the pigs, and then went to a field to cut some sook (a plant that the cooking ladies use in the meals) and filled 3 big bags full of it!

Then after lunch, a few teachers and ourselves went to Danyang to meet up with 100 children that are going to stay in Handemy for the next 3 days. In Danyang, the children, the teachers and ourselves, went sight seeing to kick off the fun that we'll be having in the next couple of days. We went to Dodamsambong which was amazingly beautiful, and then went to Juksungbi which is a large rock that has a big hole in the middle of it that was made naturally. Once we finished in Danyang, all the children came back to Handemy and the teachers and us took the children around to look at Handemy.

Today though, has been a big day! In the morning we left Handemy to do some sight seeing around more of Danyang with the children. We visited a place called Ondalsansung which is a big palace with lots of old Korean style buildings, and some traditional clothes on display.

Also at Ondalsansung there was a cave which was pretty cool! It was about a 20 minute walk around many twists and turns and lots do stalactites and stalagmites (pointy rocks hanging from the ceiling and on the ground, made by water dripping from and onto them over a very long time!) after we finished in the cave, we headed off to an aquarium. This was our first time we've ever been to an aquarium and it was great! So many different types of fish, some large, some small and some with no scales at all!

Once we'd finished in the aquarium, we headed back to Handemy to have a bonfire. There were fireworks, music and lots of dancing and games. But now, we've finished for today and are going to get some sleep, so we will write to you all again soon, so bye for now!