Fipa is a yellow spotted bell frog which is a protected species in Central Western NSW. Central Western NSW is a region that has the most delightful natural wonders and provides so much fun for Fipa and his friends.

Fipa Fipa spent his younger years growing up on acreage at Cargo where he particularly enjoyed the many water ways that run through the land. He dances, sings and hops across the lilly pads during the day. On odd occasions you’ll also see him riding his bike and visiting his friends. The birds sing with delight when his friends gather together, chat, play games, share their stories, sing and play music together.

The property that Fipa came from holds many adventures, there’s always new places to explore, hills to climb, animals to view, woodlands to discover and of course a dam that’s filled with lots of water creatures.

During a visit by a little boy called Tristan

When a little boy called Tristan visited the land at Cargo a friendship was made. Tristan always made his way to the dam searching out the yabbies, fish and lizzards that gathered around the dam. Just by chance Fipa was floating on a lilly pad when Tristan spotted him. Tristan being young thought that Fipa was in danger and wanted to save him.

Tricaky The only container that Tristan had at the time was his green lunch box and so up to his knees in water he waded over to the little green frog, and placed him in his lunch box.

Surprisingly Fipa was able to communicate with Tristan and Tristan would spend ages listening to Fipas stories. It wasn’t long before Tristan was able to befriend all of Fipas friends during his many visits.

Then one day Tristan decided to invite Fipa to his place, in particular his families café where there is a pond full of fish. It wasn’t long after that, that Fipa became a frequent visitor and a special friend of Tristan’s. In fact, they became such good friends that Tristan’s parents decided to further develop the back yard at the café to ‘”Fipas World”.

Stay tuned for many more adventures...